creating a function wrapper in golang

Here is a snippet that allows one to create a ‘wrapper’ function that you can input a generic function and parameters too in golang. callme takes a function and a variadic set of parameters. By using the reflect library we can properly check number of parameters a function has as well as value types. Finally we use Call to call the function with the processed parameters. A use case for this could be calling a function and allowing for retries or additional checking.

package main

import (

func callme(fn interface{}, params ...interface{}) (result []reflect.Value) {
	f := reflect.ValueOf(fn)
	if f.Type().NumIn() != len(params) {
		panic("incorrect number of parameters!")
	inputs := make([]reflect.Value, len(params))
	for k, in := range params {
		inputs[k] = reflect.ValueOf(in)
	return f.Call(inputs)

func hello(i int) {
	fmt.Println("hello " + strconv.Itoa(i))

func hiya(name string) {
	fmt.Println("hiya " + name)

func awesome(i int, name string) {
	fmt.Println("high " + strconv.Itoa(i) + ", " + name)

func main() {
	callme(hello, 1)
	callme(hiya, "buddy")
	callme(awesome, 5, "dude")